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Axolotls can make great pets and can live from 10-15 years with good care.
Temperature: 60-68 degrees is ideal so you won't need a heater.
Food: Night Crawlers, Red Wigglers, Black worms, frozen blood worms and carnivore sinking pellets.
Lighting: Little or no light is recommended as they dont really like light, it would be more for your viewing.
substrate: Aquarium safe sand or bare bottom is best. Never use gravel as they can ingest it and cause damage.
Decorations: Live or fake plants, a hide that is aquarium safe or you can make one from terra cotta pots. Make sure no sharp edges on anything in the tank.
Tank size: A cycled 20g Long aquarium is best for 1 and an additional 10g for each one after that.
Tank Mates: Species only
Filtration: They don't like alot of rough water flow so a hang on back with a flow control or a sponge filter is best.
Good online resources: Caudata.org Axolotl.org



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